Summer Beauty Habits To Keep Up This Fall
Posted on September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

The last day of summer is approaching fast and I, like many, am not prepared once so ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall and everything that comes with it however there is so much beauty in beachy waves and everyone’s simple makeup routine. Bright summer hues are my absolute favorite and all of my summer routine revolves around glowing skin. Here’s how you can easily carry the effortless summer beauty into your fall hair and makeup!

1. Hydrated Skin – We all slather on the moisturizer during the summer however during the fall moisturizer falls farther and farther down the list of musts. This fall keep it in the very front! It’s actually more important to hydrate your skin in colder temperatures because the air drys out the skin more. So yes, keep on slathering the moisturizer for that silky smooth skin!

2. Natural Hair – Once the first day of summer hits everyone and their mother puts away curling irons, blow dryers and any hot tool in between to make the switch to natural and a beachy textured look. Make it a goal this fall to continue to embrace your messy locks. Experiment with different texturizers and learn to love the sock bun because there’s nothing better than healthy hair!

3. Glowing Skin – Don’t even think about losing the golden glow this fall. Simply just swap your shimmery summer bronzer for a matte variety. Apply as a contour—instead of an all-over glow—to give your face subtle warmth. And instantly you will be glowing again, just this time it’ll be for fall!

4. Simplicity – Maybe it’s because we are always in a hurry to get to the beach or just the heat, we are all a little more likely to keep our makeup simple during the summer. Keep up that attitude all yearlong and cut your morning routine in half. I have done a post previously on how less makeup is more, here is how you can take advantage of that and continue to feel like the most confident you!

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