Beauty Must-Haves // For The Late Ones
Posted on September 17, 2014 in Uncategorized


There is a huge difference between running late and late. We all know that this decides whether or not you take the extra step to swipe on eye liner or simply blow dry your hair, there’s late and then there’s LATE. Here are my tips for those of you who seem to be best friends with being late late but hate to look like it!

Step one, know and accept the fact that you like to hit snooze on your alarm clock at least twice. Go the extra mile to permanently keep your key beauty products either in your car or purse. With that being said, here’s how to use them to their best ability. Problem skin?? Everything from dark circles to blemishes can be fixed with one concealer. Do your research and buy a shade or two lighter to really brighten up your face, the goal is always to look awake. Throw in a super falttering lip balm, this can double as not only a balm but a quick sheen of color for the cheeks! Next add in your favorite mascara and a handy eye lash curler. I know way too many women who don’t curl their eye lashes and honestly it’s a sad thing, curl your eye lashes before applying mascara to fully open up your eye and avoid looking so tired. If eye liner is a must for you, double up your mascara as a quick liner by sticking a clean angled brush into the mascara wand and carefully applying it to the eyelids. Personally, I can’t live without my eyebrows. I like to throw in a small brush and powder for a quick touch up and shape to my brows.

And that’s it! Everyone can live without a little contouring and eye shadow for the day however if those are also musts for you, check out my new favorite all in one eye shadow stick and my favorite traveling palette for bronzer/blush and a quick highlight is the Naked Flushed palette from Urban Decay!

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