Posted on January 11, 2017 in BEAUTY

AHHHHHHH…January is here and yet another season of bridal and photo shoots. It is something that as makeup artists we live for! I know it’s January, but that just means that since I’m a MOTOR CITY gal, I have all of my DETROIT Auto Show clients to look forward to this month! Let’s not forget about our Winter brides… December and January have seriously been much more trendy months to say I DO than the years before. I love watching all of these winter wonderland parties get started!

But let’s talk about something. Something very important. Something will make or break your wedding day, look and photos. I have a little secret for you and I think you will like it. NO, scratch that. You might wanna make out with it! It is YOUR FACE and we are going to make it FLAWLESS!!!!!! How you might ask? With airbrush makeup, DUH!

SO, what is this airbrush makeup we keep talking about? Well, it’s a few drops of pure awesomeness that get applied into a small gun. It then gets applied to your skin in soft, circular motions . It will create a picture perfect, HD look for your photos. It is one of the best things I have ever encountered, next to my sacred Beauty Blender. It’s sweat proof, tear proof AND water proof. SCORE!!!!!

But hang on a second, let me back this up. When people hear “airbrush makeup” I always get asked 1 of 2 things: “Is it going to be too heavy?” NOPE! It is buildable coverage and we actually spot conceal and color correct your face BEFORE we apply your airbrush foundation. So it is buildable. We can give you as little or as much coverage as you want/need! Second thing I get asked is “Will this last all day?” YES! This is guaranteed to last 12-18 hours which is HUGE for a bride! We do offer FREE airbrush consults for all of our brides so you can try it out!

We use 2 different types of airbrush makeup :




They both have great, buildable coverage, but the one we use on you will be based on your skin type, the all over look you are going for. 9 out of 10 of our clients will need the silicone based on their needs for their event. The Silicone based tends to last longer and have a more flawless coverage, while the Water Based has to be built up more . Water based will also be perfect for the bride or client that has dry skin, tons of fine lines and just wants a very light coverage.

Here is a Before and After of a client who wanted FULL coverage. We Spot concealed/blended with Mac Prolong Wear in NC 15 (and of course our Beauty Blender, we never leave home without it) and Airbrushed her with our Silicone based Airbrush makeup . Here’s what we got:


She was gorgeous before, but OOOOOOO EMMMMMMM GGGGGGGG look at the AFTER!

Here is another client who we did the same prep with but we used a water based formula.before-n-after

As you can see, BOTH have amazing results but each client had a different need.  Your artist will always only use what’s BEST FOR YOU!

Always remember that great skin care, prior to your makeup application will always ensure a great application. SO if you have dry skin, fine lines, deep pores, etc…trying to help correct those things prior to your big event with facials and a good at home skin care regimen will make it even better.

I personally love to use this on my photo shoots as well because the HD quality is amazing and I love the way this photographs!

All in, all we love airbrush makeup and know you will too!